Stepcycle: Available for License.

This step action scooter can be pedaled from a standing posture to improve visibility, and efficiently uses the rider's weight to achieve bicycle speeds. The vehicle, targeted to students and commuters, is sufficiently portable for crowded trains and elevators. See details.

Lever Drive wheelchair

Lever Drive Wheelchairs: Available for License.

The patented single and twin lever drive wheelchairs and “Helix” handcycles are bio-mechanically more efficient than conventional manual chairs. They offer a low cost alternative to motorized chairs, handrim driven wheelchairs and handcycles. Both designs utilize bicycle brake levers to clutch the drive wheels for propulsion, braking and steering. Lightweight compact frame and small wheels optimize portability and facilitate transfers to beds and commodes. See details.


The "Super Sweep™” and "Fast Forward™” product names and logos are Trademarks of Forethought and Steven Tidcomb.

© Copyright 2005-2010 Fore-thought Designs™ All Rights Reserved.

Stay Put wheelchair cushion

Recumbent Go Cart: Available for License.

Combining the powerful recumbent rider positioning with an innovatively simple steering system, the Cable Driven Go-Cart provides rapid acceleration, high speed, low center of gravity and highly responsive steering for safe spin-outs and "race car" feel. The ride-on toy can accommodate kids of all sizes without manual adjustment. See details.

Ride on toy

“Moonwalker”High Speed Skateboard: Available for License.

The “Moonwalker” concept is powered by the stepping motion of a standing rider. It was designed to let the rider alternate his body weight from left to right pedals like a stair climbing exerciser to maintain rapid cruising speed without striding the ground like other scooters and skateboards. The vehicle uses the patented Cable Drive transmission system and high-density urethane wheels for low rolling resistance. Having handlebars and brakes, it offers a safer yet faster alternative to skateboards. Its adjustable height handlebars fold flat for vertical storage. See details.

Product Release:

A U.S. Patent has issued and is available for license.

We are introducing a line of innovative snow tools invented by Industrial Designer, Steven Tidcomb. For details please view U.S. Utility Patent No. 7,347,468. It shows several variations of the concept including a low-cost vehicle snow broom that attaches to most standard shovels (See Version 2 design update). These ergonomically efficient and time–saving tools are excellent candidates for infomercial and mass merchandising. We believe they will also be of interest to businesses and municipalities that maintain “fleet vehicles” such as car dealers and rental agencies, state and local DPW’s, police, school bus and utility companies. These products can also be graphically customized by any company to associate their “brand” with this innovative, practical, and high-quality tool. Such companies may, for example, include them as promotional gifts with the purchase of snow throwers, snowmobiles, motor vehicles, truck plow blades, snow tires or ski equipment etc. To view a video demonstration or to receive further information and pictures, please contact us or call (978) 944-3256.

Thanks for your time,

Mary Jo Wagner

One tool, two jobs:

The Super Sweep™ combines both a superior snow shovel and a superior vehicle snow broom into one handy tool. It does each job in less time, and with less effort than all other snow tools. Having both tools at hand also eliminates the inconvenience of retrieving each tool as they are needed.

>> Shoveling brick walkways, wooden decks and broken pavement can stop an ordinary shovel dead in its tracks. But, instead of scraping those uneven surfaces like other shovels, the Super Sweep's™ bristle-edged blade sweeps easily over them like a push broom.

>> And, after shoveling a path to your car, you won't have to open a snow-covered door or trunk lid to look for your snow brush. Conveniently clipped to the top of the shovel's blade is an extra wide vehicle snow broom that can be quickly re-positioned onto the shovel's forward edge. Now you can sweep snow off of your car three times faster than with other snow brooms.

3-D Drafter Perspective Drawing Tool: Available for License.

A simple, inexpensive perspective drawing aid for artists and designers. Prototypes have been built and designs for both low and high volume production have been developed. See details.

3D Drafter

Anchor Lock: Available for License.

An internal anti-theft locking device for bicycle saddles and seat posts. This simple device can be installed by the consumer inside the bicycle's frame and is inaccessible to tampering. See details.

AliMed Video

Stay-Put™ Wheelchair Cushion:

The first full-thickness seat cushion that folds with the wheelchair. See details. Introduced January, 2010 by AliMed Inc. Dedham, MA.

Forethought Designs™ is currently seeking licensing agreements with manufacturers in the Consumer, Industrial , Medical, and Architectural Products industries:

We invite you to browse our Invention Listings. Here you will be able to quickly determine if what we offer may be of interest to you. Contact us if you need further information on any invention. Depending on the particular invention we can furnish additional pictures, design details, prototypes, or patent information. In subsequent discussions we can send a copy of our "Licensing Agreement Summary", and a "Licensing Agreement". For more detailed information regarding licensing, and other legal matters see the "Licensing and Legal Information" link under "Licensing Advantages".

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The Bristle Glide� Snow Shovel
Super Sweep 2�, Universal vehicle broom.
The Super Sweep� snow shovel can quickly change
from a highly efficient bristle edged snow shovel
into an amazingly effective vehicle snow broom.
Instead of scraping the ground, the bristle-edged
blade sweeps easily over course or broken
pavement like a push broom. Its super wide vehicle
broom attachment clears snow from your car in half
the time of others.
Mouse-over image above.
Super Sweep� snow shovel and
vehicle broom.
Instead of scraping the ground, the "Bristle-Glide "
blade sweeps easily over course or broken pavement
like a push broom. It minimizes frictional resistance
and user effort on any surface.
The Super Sweep 2� lets you use your present snow shovel as a vehicle snow broom. This lightweight accessory attaches quickly to your shovel's blade for clearing snow from your vehicle, and clips onto the shaft, and out of your way, when you're done. It takes advantage of your shovel's wide blade, long shaft, and comfortable D-grip for heaving snow from your vehicle with less time and effort than ordinary snow brooms.
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Watch video demo at YouTube.

We are currently preparing a new patent application
for a line of shovels, portable auto snow tools and ice
scrapers. If your company would like an advanced
viewing of these products please contact us so that we
can forward our "Confidentiality Agreement".
More snow tools in the forecast.
"Everything that
can be invented has
been invented. "
- Charles H. Duell,
Commissioner, U.S.
Office of Patents,

"A lot of people like
snow. I find it to be
an unnecessary
freezing of water".
-Carl Reiner
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