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Licensing Advantages

An Inventive Incentive: We believe that having a stake in a
product's actual commercial success unleashes the ultimate
incentive for the inventor and results in the best design solutions.
A "Licensing Agreement" accomplishes this by rewarding an
inventor with a reasonable royalty for his or her creativity,
innovation, and development investment.

"Licensing", tried and true: Licensing Agreements are widely
used in many industries with great success. They are well
developed legal contracts that specify the terms and conditions,
rights and responsibilities of both parties and they have evolved
to anticipate most every contingency.

Fair and Balanced: The royalty can vary with each product in
order to consider such factors as the Licensee's tooling,
manufacturing, and promotional expenses, in order to maintain a
fair balance of profit for both parties.

Product Exclusivity: A license can grant to a manufacturer
exclusive rights to make and sell products relating to the license
and any associated patents. This is of course a significant
strategic advantage as it discourages competitors from
introducing any product that might infringe that patent.

Inventions of interest to you: The internet is a vast resource;
so most companies will never see this website. If you are reading
this, either we approached you with one or more inventions that
we believe match your area of interest, or your search query
precisely matched our content.

You are free to view our inventions: You can view our
invention listings and quickly determine their relevance to your
current interests. You can also contact us to request further
information on any invention without financial obligation.

An informed business decision: We offer companies tangible
design solutions that can be easily evaluated on their merit. The
value of a specific design solution is far more discernable than a
designer's ability to develop that solution. Or, as our motto says;
"Invest in solutions".

A production head start: The time and money that a company
normally spends on the R&D phase can instead be invested in a
products introduction. These resources can be re-allocated for
such things as market analysis, focus-group testing, tooling,
production planning, and promotion.

We are vitally committed to your success: Our upfront
investment and delayed remuneration demonstrates the
confidence we have in our inventions. Since royalty income is
commensurate with a products actual commercial success, you
can be assured that we will remain available to you for further
product design support, or promotional graphics and
communication well beyond the signing of the "Licensing

A resource for future projects: The licensing relationship
provides you with a creative resource and a business ally. As we
become more familiar with your particular vision for the future we
would welcome any opportunity to contribute creatively to your
new product design and promotional initiatives.

To learn more about our Licensing, Copyrights, Confidentiality
policies, and other legal matters; Go to the next page: Licensing
and Legal Information
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Fair and Balanced
Inventions of interest
to you
"strategic advantage"
We are vitally committed
to your success.
"A friendship
founded on business
is better than a
business founded on
- John D. Rockefeller

Invest in solutions.