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Design Experience:

Specializing in new product development, designer Steven Tidcomb has devised many innovative solutions for medical, industrial, and consumer products. With his knowledge of industrial design, mechanical design, manufacturing processes, human engineering, and ergonomics, he has worked both directly and contractually for a variety of companies and clients. He has also independently developed a broad range of inventions that are available for license. (See listings.) His inventions have earned several U.S. and foreign patents and others are currently pending. (A confidential viewing of these recent industrial design projects can be arranged upon request) The portfolio examples shown throughout this site are the original designs of Steven Tidcomb.

As a young entrepreneur, he raised approximately $1 million and formed a company to produce products using his patented “Cable Drive” transmission. He and his "CM1000"- Cable Drive Bicycle were featured in over 60 magazine articles worldwide, and several TV interviews including ABC's Good Morning America.

In addition to product development, he has provided graphic design for various clients and projects including logos to convey product and corporate identity. Assignments also included presentation renderings, technical illustrations, packaging, manuals, brochures, press kits, print ads, collateral packages, computer graphics, website design and copy writing.

Steven Tidcomb graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He holds a BFA in Industrial Design, received Honors for his senior thesis on urban transportation, an M.C.A. Scholarship Award, and an NPBA Award for packaging design.

Design Approach

“I advocate for thoughtful research and broad creative input at the earliest stages of the product development process. I highly regard brainstorming and ideation as valuable tools for discovering innovation opportunities and for clearly identifying design priorities and constraints.

“Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie once said, “It took me a lifetime to learn what notes not to play”. As designers, we also should not embellish our creations with needless cosmetics or complicating features. I take pride in creating simple design solutions using an objective and logical approach. I strive to balance aesthetics with practicality by maintaining that a design’s form should not only follow its function, but also communicate its function.”

-Steven Tidcomb, Designer and founder of Forethought Designs.com.

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