CM 1000
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Infant Stroller:
Invented a portable stroller with a unique flat-folding frame which absorbs shock when descending curbs and steps. Includes a totally reclining seat and leg support which automatically centers child's weight for stability in any position. Introduced the company to "powder coating", a colorful, cost effective alternative to chrome plating which as since become standard in the industry. Introduced by Collier Keyworth, Gardner, MA.
See Cable Drive Bicycle Design Evolution.
The Anchor Lock: Available for License
internal anti-theft locking device for bicycle saddles and seat
posts. This simple device can be installed by the consumer inside
the bicycle's frame and is inaccessible to tampering. See details.

Simpleton - Quick On and Off Fishing Sinkers:
Using an abstract re-configurable model to explore various line routings, invented a fishing sinker (weight) that can quickly attach to a fishing line, without tools, cutting the line, or tying knots. It can also selectively slide along, or be fixed to the line.
See patent.
See product details.

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Basketball Trainer:
Working with professional players and coaches, developed concept to catch and return rebounded balls for uninterrupted practice. Telescoping design, made from extruded aluminum and onofilament netting, allows shots from the three-point line to the foul line throughout 180 degrees of the basket. Research Dynamics, Wenham, MA.
The compacted CM1000 stands vertically for elevators and coat closet storage..
Mechanical Design
Portable Bicycles:

The "CM1000"portable commuter bicycle:
Powered by a simple pumping motion, it maximized pedaling efficiency, visibility and comfort. The patented design was featured in over 60 magazine articles worldwide and TV interviews across the country including ABC's "Good Morning America". It attracted international interest including mail order magazines like Shaper Image, Hammacher Schlemmer and Abercrombie & Fitch. Introduced by Creative Motion Industries, Inc, Danvers, MA. See CM-1000 and CMI Inc. page. See link below for mechanical design details for "CM-1000", "Urban" and other Cable Drive bicycles.
AMF "Road Runner" with "Angular Steering".
The "Urban" Cable Drive Bicycle.
The "Commuter" Cable Drive Bicycle.
Lever Drive Wheelchairs.
"Siesta" stroller.
Simpleton Fishing Sinkers.
Anchor-Lock saddle and seat post lock.
"3-D Drafter" drawing tool.
"The design called for a
new transmission
system capable of
developing high rpm's
at the drive wheel yet
occupying minimal
space in the compacted
"Its operating principle
resembles the
bow-and-stick method
of making fire".
Steering idea was
inspired by the
swiveling motion of a
vacuum cleaner
The "Wallaway Recliner"
sparked the idea for a
reclining stroller seat
that shifted its position
forward as the seat back
tilted to the rear.
As the ball rolls down
between the diverging
rails, it automatically
decelerates to it's final
destination without
bouncing out.
"By extracting the
extraneous details and
cosmetic appearance
from the equation, a
problem is distilled
down to its simplest
External cable locking
devices for expensive
saddles and seat posts
are easily sheared with
ordinary wire cutters.

The invention was sparked by observing the motion of a pen as it slowly rolled across my drawing board.

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Artist's Tool: Available for License
Invented simple, inexpensive perspective drawing aid for artists. Built working prototypes and developed concepts for both low and high volume production. STD Product Development, Beverly, MA See details.
Single and twin lever drive wheelchairs: Bio-mechanically more efficient than conventional manual chairs, it was designed to accelerate from walking to racing speed and to offer a low-cost alternative to motorized chairs. Utilized bicycle brake levers to improve braking. Lightweight compact frame and small wheels optimized portability and facilitated transfers to beds and commodes. (See wheelchair drive system patent and steering system patent)
Go Carts:
Four wheel ride-on toy utilizes powerful recumbent positioning for rapid acceleration and high speed. The go carts include a highly responsive steering system for safe spin-outs and "race car" feel.
The patented pedaling system accommodates kids of all sizes without adjustment.
Angular Steering: See Ride-On Toys
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