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Go Cart
Developed and built four wheel ride-on toy utilizing the powerful recumbent positioning for rapid
acceleration and high speed. Engineered highly responsive "angular steering" for safe spin-outs and
"race car" feel. Designed pedaling system to accommodate kids of all sizes without adjustment.
Ride-On Toys

Developed concepts focusing on cost,
aesthetics, play value and CPSC safety
standards. Invented unique cost effective
"angular steering" device to greatly
improve previous ride-ons with minimal
tooling costs. Provided mechanical details
and styling concepts for blow molded mass
production. Introduced by AMF Wheel
Goods, Olney, IL.
Ride-On Toys
Road Runner by AMF - First ride-on toy to use low-cost "angular steering".
High Performance Skateboard

The "Moonwalker" concept is powered by
the stepping motion of a standing rider. It
was designed to let the rider alternate his
body weight from left to right pedals like a
stair climbing exerciser to maintain rapid
cruising speed without striding the ground
like other scooters and skateboards. The
vehicle uses the patented Cable Drive
transmission system and high-density
urethane wheels for low rolling resistance.
Having handlebars and brakes, it offers a
safer but faster alternative to skateboards.
Its adjustable height handlebars fold flat for
vertical storage.
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Steering idea was
inspired by the
swiveling motion of a
vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Steering idea was
inspired by the
swiveling motion of
a vacuum cleaner
U.S Patent
Blow-molded Cable Drive Scooter
"Discovery consists of
seeing what everybody
has seen and thinking
what nobody has
thought". -Albert
The Cable Drive™
system used for these
recumbent ride-on toys
can also be incorporated
into more sophisticated
adult vehicles. It would
be possible to harness
the riders arm strength
in addition to leg
strength, by using lever
systems similar to those
designed for the Cable
Drive™ wheelchairs.
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