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Cable Drive Single and Twin-Lever Wheelchairs
Lever Drive Wheelchairs:
Developed single and twin lever drive
wheelchairs. Bio-mechanically more
efficient than conventional manual chairs, it
was designed to accelerate from walking to
racing speed and to offer a low cost
alternative to motorized chairs. Utilized
bicycle brake levers to improve braking.
Lightweight compact frame and small
wheels optimized portability and facilitated
transfers to beds and commodes.
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Global Design News Article 2000
Helix Cable Drive Handcycle concept
Helix Cable Drive Racing Handcycle concept
Helix Cable Drive Enclosed Racing Handcycle concept
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"Its operating
principle resembles
the bow-and-stick
method of making
U.S Patent
"The conventional
hand rim-driven
design has gone
unquestioned for
so long that it has
been practically
immortalized by a
Spin-off Concepts
Illustration by Anthony Velleco.
Illustration by Anthony Velleco.
Lever Drive Wheelchair
receives Honorable Mention
in national contest.

May 2006: The invention was
selected from among over 4,200
submissions by the judges of
the Modern Marvels Invent
Now© Challenge.
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