urban stepcycle

“Moonwalker” High Speed Skateboard:

The “Moonwalker” concept is powered by the stepping motion of a standing rider. It was designed to let the rider alternate his body weight from left to right pedals like a stair climbing exerciser to maintain rapid cruising speed without striding the ground like other scooters and skateboards. The vehicle uses the patented Cable Drive transmission system and high-density urethane wheels for low rolling resistance. Having handlebars and brakes, it offers a safer yet faster alternative to skateboards. Its adjustable height handlebars fold flat for vertical storage.


Lever Drive Wheelchair receives Honorable Mention in national contest.

May 2006: The invention was selected from among over 4,200 submissions by the judges of the Modern Marvels Invent Now© Challenge. See all 100 Honorable Mention recipients.

"Super Sweep 2”, Universal Snow broom:

A new bare-bones alternative to the original design offers low-cost tooling, rapid amortization and shorter production schedule. This lightweight broom attaches quickly to your present snow shovel's blade for sweeping snow from your vehicle, and clips onto the shaft, and out of your way, when you're done. It takes advantage of your shovel's wide blade, long shaft, and comfortable D-grip for heaving snow from your vehicle with less time and effort than ordinary snow brooms. The "squeeze-release", clip-on design integrates a perforated metal grip surface along the inside edge of an extruded plastic clip. The extruded design can be offered in various widths including those of collapsible car shovels etc. See details.

"Urban Stepcycle":

This step-action scooter is pedaled from a standing posture to improve visibility, and efficiently uses the rider's weight to achieve bicycle speeds. Folding into a vertically oriented volume measuring 33"x 21" x 8”, and weighing 20lbs, the vehicle, targeted to students and commuters, is sufficiently portable for crowded trains and elevators. A unique powder-coated, bolt-together frame minimizes welding and strategically combines extruded aluminum and chrome-molly steel fork tubes to save weight without compromising rigidity. The scooter is driven by 3/32, 7x19, 1,000 lb test stainless steel aircraft cable jacketed with nylon. The cables are helically coupled to roller clutches either at the drive wheel, or to a compact multi-speed belt or chain system coupled to the rear wheel.

"Helix Recumbent":

The Cable Drive pedaling system can harness the strength of arms and or legs to power enclosed handcycles or recumbent vehicles. It also offers a major aerodynamic advantage by allowing an efficient “wedge-shaped” to enclose the linear pedaling path of the rider’s feet instead of the conventional circular path.

Recumbent Go Cart:

Combining the powerful recumbent rider positioning with an innovatively simple steering system, the Cable Driven Go-Cart provides rapid acceleration, high speed, low center of gravity and highly responsive steering for safe spin-outs and "race car" feel. The ride-on toy can accommodate kids of all sizes without manual adjustment. See details.

"Urban" Cable Drive Bicycle:

Invented by Industrial Designer, Steven Tidcomb, the Urban "Cable Drive" bicycle (See design evolution) was instrumental in raising 1 million dollars to found Creative Motion Industries Inc. Danvers, MA, and develop various "Cable Drive" products (seen below). Tidcomb, as Vice President and Design Director of CMI, achieved U.S. and foreign patents. See details.

“CM1000”Portable Bicycle:

A portable commuter bicycle called the “CM1000” is powered by a simple pumping motion that maximizes pedaling efficiency, visibility and comfort. The design was featured in over 60 magazine articles worldwide and TV interviews across the country including ABC’s “Good Morning America”. It attracted international interest including mail order magazines like Shaper Image, Hammacher Schlemmer and Abercrombie & Fitch. Introduced by Creative Motion Industries, Inc, Danvers, MA. See details.

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Urban Cable Drive
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CM 1000
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See all Lever Drive wheelchairs and handcycles.
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Industrial Design

Telephone Accounting Computers:

Cabinetry and control panel design for a telephone accounting computer. Designed various models to accommodate both low and high volume manufacturing. Introduced by Control Key Corp, Peabody, MA, and Comdat Inc, SanFrancisco CA. See details.

WaferCheck 7000, Automated Sorter:

As Director of Industrial Design, ADE Corporation, Newton, MA, Steven Tidcomb coordinated with Marketing and Engineering departments to visualize the complex packaging requirements of an expandable silicon wafer inspection/sorting system. The final design solved packaging problems with spatial efficiency and innovative solutions to service access problems. It also addressed human engineering problems, i.e., operator comfort, visibility and access to vital controls. It incorporated a "user friendly" control panel with a magnetically repositionable keypad to accommodate both left and right hand users. Constructed using low volume production processes such as vacuum formed plastic, formed sheet metal, NC machining, and extruded aluminum, it is presently in use by semiconductor manufacturers in South East Asia. See details.

Lever Drive Wheelchairs:

The patented single and twin lever drive wheelchairs and “Helix” handcycles are bio-mechanically more efficient than conventional manual chairs. They are designed to accelerate from walking to racing speed and offer a low cost alternative to motorized chairs and conventional handrim driven wheelchairs and handcycles. Both designs utilize bicycle brake levers to clutch the drive wheels for propulsion, braking and steering. Lightweight compact frame and small wheels optimize portability and facilitate transfers to beds and commodes. See details.

AMF Fitness Equipment:

Collaborative design and control panel graphics for the “Computrim 900”, an electronic cardiac monitoring exercycle. Developed control panel/storage compartment for pulse sensing ear clip. Listed as co-inventor on patent for pulse sensing ear clip. Also updated timer consoles, graphics and color schemes for AMF/Whitely, Sears, Montgomery Ward, and J.C. Penney lines of home fitness equipment. Introduced by AMF Wheel Goods, Olney, IL. See details.

“Ecotat” Bird Cage:

In depth product research and development of patented bird cage featuring improved visibility, interior lighting, modular expandability, improved interior accessibility, and convenient cleaning. Introduced 1994, Friends and Company, Cincinnati OH. See details.

Dental Instrument:

Designed for dentists, the device uses ultra-violet light transmitted via fiber optic cable to cure dental fillings. Unique dual position cabinet and diagonal panel graphics allowed a technician to use the instrument in either horizontal or vertical positions. Designed in cooperation with Axes Robotics, Wenham MA, for EG&G, Salem MA, and Advanced Fiber Optics, Los Angeles CA.

“Siesta” Infant Stroller:

Invented and built a portable stroller with a unique flat-folding frame which absorbs shock when descending curbs and steps. Engineered a totally reclining seat and leg support which automatically centers child's weight for stability in any position. Introduced the company to "powder coating", a colorful, cost effective alternative to chrome plating which has since become standard in the industry. Director of Industrial Design. Introduced by Collier Keyworth, Gardner, MA. See details.

Robotic Archival System:

Conceptualized spatially economical cabinets for DAT (digital audio tape) data retrieval systems. Illustration explaining internal operation and external packaging options were successful in raising venture capital for the company. Designed in cooperation with Axes Robotics, Wenham MA, for Opera System's Inc, Beverly, MA .

3-D Drafter Perspective Drawing Tool:

Available for License Invented and developed simple, inexpensive perspective drawing aid for artists and designers. Built working prototypes and developed concepts for both low and high volume production. STD Product Development, Beverly, MA See details.

Industrial designer
Henry Dreyfuss said: "If
the point of contact
between the product and
the people (user)
becomes a point of
friction, then the
industrial designer has
failed. If, on the other
hand, products are made
safer, more comfortable
and more efficient, and
people are more eager
to purchase it, or are
just plain happier, the
designer has succeeded."
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Snow tools

Snow shovel / vehicle snow broom:

The patented Super Sweep snow shovel can be quickly configured into a highly effective vehicle snow broom. It also includes an integrally molded bristle-edged blade that sweeps over course or broken pavement like a push broom. The blade, snow broom, and D-grip are injection-molded of polypropylene. The lightweight shovel includes a vinyl-clad tubular aluminum shaft and soft rubber grips at the lower shaft and handle. The vehicle broom comprises “Flagged” or “exploded” type polypropylene bristles which are bound within steel channels and pressed into the broom portion. The product stores flat with adjacent shovels and has a shaft that is detachable from the shovel blade for compact storage, packaging, and store displays. See details.