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Various inventions listed on our website are not yet protected by
a U.S. or foreign patent. The titles and descriptions for these
items are sufficiently general so as not to disclose proprietary
technology. As a manufacturer, you may view these inventions in
confidence by signing a print copy of the sample agreement
below. If you wish to sign such an agreement, please contact us so
that we can send printed copies of this agreement. Please do not
copy this sample. Such agreements are common among inventors
and design firms. We have reviewed many and have crafted ours
to strike a fair balance of protection for all parties. Fore-thought
Designs will also consider entering into a "Mutual Confidentiality
Agreement" as needed, in order to enable a reciprocal exchange
of creative ideas and intellectual property.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT (sample only, do not copy.)

Regarding your relationship with, Fore-thought Designs, Tidcomb Design
and Steven Tidcomb (hereinafter referred to as the "INVENTOR"), you,
(hereinafter referred to as the "MANUFACTURER") may receive Confidential
Information from the INVENTOR pertaining to his proprietary invention the
Invention name here

The INVENTOR'S disclosure of this Confidential Information is for
evaluation purposes only. The MANUFACTURER is to hold and maintain all
such information, whether oral or written, in confidence, not disclosing it to
others except it's employees who have a need to know for the aforesaid
purposes and who are under an obligation of confidentiality to the
MANUFACTURER. This restriction shall continue for three (3) years, but
shall not apply to any item of information which the MANUFACTURER can

A. was in the public domain, at the time of its disclosure to the

B. has become part of the public domain by way of publication or
otherwise, other than in violation of the MANUFACTURER commitment

C. was in the MANUFACTURER'S possession before the INVENTOR'S
disclosure of it to the MANUFACTURER, and was not acquired or received,
directly or indirectly, from the INVENTOR, in which case, the
MANUFACTURER will notify the INVENTOR in writing at the time of the
disclosure, that the MANUFACTURER already knew of the disclosed
information; or

D. was received by the MANUFACTURER after the INVENTOR'S disclosure of
it to the MANUFACTURER from a third party who did not require the
MANUFACTURER to hold it in confidence and who did not acquire it, directly
or indirectly, from the INVENTOR under an obligation of confidence.

Nothing contained in this Agreement or any disclosure hereunder shall be
construed as granting to the MANUFACTURER any license or other right in
or to the information so disclosed or to any patent or patent application
relating thereto.

Furthermore, upon request, the MANUFACTURER is to return to the
INVENTOR any documents, drawings, copies or devices containing or
embodying any of the Confidential Information, within thirty (30) calendar
days of such request.

This Agreement is in duplicate. If the MANUFACTURER is in agreement with
the relationship as set out herein, please sign and date both copies and
return one copy to the INVENTOR.


INVENTOR: X______________DATE: _______________ Steven Tidcomb

COMPANY: Forethought Designs, and Tidcomb Design, Phone:_________

MANUFACTURER: X _________________________ DATE: ____________

NAME:________________________ TITLE _________________________

COMPANY: ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________
"A friendship
founded on business
is better than a
business founded on
- John D. Rockefeller

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