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Licensing and Legal Information

If you are a manufacturer interested in learning more about
obtaining licensing rights to a particular invention or invention
category, please contact us with your inquiry. Depending on the
invention, we can provide additional pictures, design details,
prototypes, or patent information. In subsequent discussions we
can send a copy of our "Licensing Agreement Summary", and a
"Licensing Agreement".

Within our invention categories, you will see a list of invention titles
and descriptions. Each represents at least one invention that may
or may not be protected by a patent or pending patent application
at this time. The titles and descriptions for these items are
sufficiently general so as not to disclose proprietary technology. If
you would like to view such an invention you will be directed to our
standard "Confidentiality Agreement". Such agreements are
common among inventors and design firms. We have reviewed
many and have crafted ours to strike a fair balance of protection
for all parties. Fore-thought Designs will also consider entering into
a "Mutual Confidentiality Agreement" as needed, in order to enable
a reciprocal exchange of creative ideas and intellectual property.

These inventions and designs have been prepared by Steven
Tidcomb and Forethought Designs™ to present new marketing
opportunities to qualified licensees. Mr. Tidcomb warrants and
represents that he is the sole inventor and exclusive owner of
these new products and has filed various United States Patent
applications covering the proprietary information disclosed herein
as well as all viable design variations of them and their
construction. This product information is presented for your
consideration of its manufacture under an exclusive licensing
agreement. Nothing contained in this disclosure hereunder shall be
construed as granting any license or other right in or to the
information so disclosed or to any patent or patent application
relating thereto.

Forethought Designs™ understands the industry dynamics
determining a product's manufacturing cost, profit margins and
retail price. We also recognize the importance of its practical value
as perceived by the consumer, and maintain realistic expectations
regarding our remuneration and the terms and conditions of any
licensing agreements.

Alternatively, offers to purchase all of the legal rights to any
product will also be considered. Interested parties should contact
Mr. Tidcomb to discuss acceptable contract terms and conditions.

Please see the next page for information regarding the Use of
Copyrighted Content

© Copyright 2005-2008 Fore-thought Designs™ All Rights Reserved.
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helps business."
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