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The entire Fore-thought Designs website design and its content are the original work of Industrial Designer, Steven Tidcomb. All portfolio examples such as industrial design projects, inventions, illustrations, graphics, and written text published on this site were created by, and are the sole property of Steven Tidcomb. The few exceptions such as collaborative design projects, quoted text, and contracted illustrations, are clearly credited in context.

Forethought Designs™, Fore-thought Designs™, forethoughtdesigns.com™ and all related logos, text, product names and graphics are protected Trademarks of Forethought Designs™. As such you may not copy, publish, or offer for sale any of the above or any portion of this website, its' design, content, graphics, logos, icons, pictures, or text without the express written consent of Steven Tidcomb, Design Director of Fore-thought Designs™.




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