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The 3-D Drafter is essentially a rolling
ruler. On the underside of the ruler is a
long axle. Two wheels of differing
diameters are fixed to the axle at
opposite ends. Both wheels and axle
rotate as one. The different diameters
cause the ruler to roll along a curved
path. Lines ruled at any position along
that path share a common point of
convergence, know as the vanishing
point. This point is usually beyond the
drawing or the drawing board. This tool
provides an alternative to physically
establishing a vanishing point near the
drawing with which a straight edge would
be aligned for constructing perspective
drawings. It also provides an alternative
to commercially available perspective
grid underlays. Such underlays can only
be used under translucent drawing
paper, as they need to be visible for
tracing. With the 3-D Drafter drawing can
be constructed on any paper or opaque
illustration board.

We are currently preparing a patent
application to cover improvements to this
design. Contact us for details.

Many of the drawings and marker
renderings seen throughout this
website were constructed using this
device. See samples below.
Sample of ink drawing constructed and inked using the 3D Drafter.
Sample of marker rendering constructed, inked and highlighted using the 3D Drafter.
Three models for various distances to the vanishing point. Edge holes for drawing arcs.
Injection-molded plastic version. These drawings were
created using the 3-D Drafter prototype.
Low-volume construction from wood and machined
Vanishing points can be off the drawing board.
Prototype positioned on Lawson perspective grid.
© Copyright 2005-2008 Fore-thought Designs™ All Rights Reserved.
The invention was sparked by observing the motion of a pen as it slowly rolled across my drawing board.
3-D Drafter Perspective Drawing Tool:
"Discovery consists
of seeing what
everybody has seen
and thinking what
nobody has thought".
-Albert Szent-Györgyi
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