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Super Sweep 2
SS2 shown in use.
When not in use, the Super Sweep-2™ clips onto the handle shaft without impeding the user's grip while shoveling.
Now your snow shovel can double as a high-performance vehicle snow broom.
Handle shaft attachment.

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The Super Sweep 2™ takes advantage of your shovel's wide blade, long shaft, and comfortable D-grip for heaving snow from your vehicle faster and easier than ordinary snow brooms. This lightweight broom attaches quickly to any snow shovel’s blade for clearing snow from your vehicle, and clips onto the shaft, and out of your way while shoveling. And, with both tools at hand, there’s no need to retrieve your snow broom from your garage or inside a snow-covered car. Hand-held use of the broom portion by itself is possible for clearing mirrors, wiper blades, and door locks etc. Soft “Flagged" or "exploded" type polypropylene bristles wont scratch your cars finish. *

A cost-effective extruded design can be offered in various widths to accommodate a variety of popular snow shovels already in use.


* The Super Sweep 2™, Universal Vehicle Snow Broom is an automotive/snow shovel "accessory" and a simplified alternative to the original Super Sweep™ concept. It offers many of the ergonomic and "dual function" benefits of the original design, at a fraction of the cost. There is no need for the manufacturer to provide the snow shovel portion (a major cost savings). Since it is made from a cost-effective plastic extrusion instead of injection molded plastic, it requires a minimal upfront tooling investment, offers rapid amortization, and a shorter lead time for its introduction. The extruded profile can easily be offered in various shovel blade widths to accommodate a wide variety of popular snow shovels already in use including collapsible car shovels.

The "squeeze-release", clip-on design includes an integrally molded “living hinge” and can clamp around any size handle shaft. “Flagged" or "exploded" type polypropylene bristles are bound within steel channels and pressed into a dovetailed slot along the lower edge.

For more information:

See U.S. Patent 7,347,468. To view a video demonstration or to receive licensing information please contact the inventor, Steven Tidcomb or call (978) 944-3256. For general industry information, click here: Snow Tool Industry - Marketing Opportunity

A perforated metal grip surface along the inside edge of the extruded profile secures the broom onto the shovel blade.
U.S. Patent available for license.

Ergonomic Design

The Super Sweep™-2 clears snow from your vehicle in half the time of ordinary snow brooms because it is two times wider. Taking advantage of your shovel’s extra long reach handle and ergonomic D-grip allows you to heave snow from the roofs of even tall vehicles like trucks and SUV's with much less effort than normally needed.

Background of the Invention:

Snow shovels and vehicle snow brooms are often used hand-in-hand with each other when clearing snow from vehicle surfaces and the surrounding pavement. Unfortunately, most people keep their snow broom inside their vehicle. Retrieving the broom from inside a snow-covered car is inconvenient and usually lets snow into the cars interior. Using the shovel to remove snow from a vehicle's surface, however convenient, is not a good idea and is likely to scratch the cars finish.

Also, conventional snow brooms are primarily designed to accommodate a car's interior, rather than efficiently removing snow from its exterior. If one re-thinks the design of the snow broom purely in terms of its function, it becomes clear that a wider broom combined with a snow shovel’s long sturdy handle and easy to push "D-grip" would be most desirable. The reciprocal relationship between these two tools, and the inability to carry both, suggests that it would be desirable for one tool to serve both purposes.

Marketing Options


Public Visibility:

The “Super Sweep™” is easily understood by consumers familiar with the task of shoveling and sweeping snow from their vehicles. Its inherent outdoor use and public visibility will demonstrate its effectiveness and stimulate "word of mouth” credibility, consumer awareness, and sales. No form of promotional advertising will be more effective than seeing a next-door neighbor heaving snow from the roof of her SUV with less than half the time and effort than it would normally take.


Regionally Targeted Audience:

The Super Sweep™ was designed for motorists who live in regions where snow removal is a high seasonal priority. These consumers can be effectively targeted using regionally defined print and broadcast media. Radio programming and advertising is increasingly focused on listeners who are commuting or "on the road" many hours a day. They are a captive audience for radio broadcasters. They listen for updated traffic reports, and weather, as well as to pass the time while confined in their cars. By definition, they most likely live, work and drive within the broadcast region. Those regions are defined geographically and therefore climatically. What better audience for a “Super Sweep™” radio ad could there be?


Direct Marketing:

While the Super Sweep™ is an excellent candidate for infomercial and mass merchandising, we believe it can also be marketed directly to businesses and municipalities that maintain “fleet vehicles” such as car dealers and rental agencies, state and local DPW’s, postal system, police, school bus and utility companies.


Promotional Gifts:

The Super Sweep™ can be graphically customized by any company to associate their “brand” with this innovative, practical, and high-quality tool. Such companies may, for example, include them as promotional gifts with the purchase of AAA memberships, auto insurance, snow throwers, snowmobiles, motor vehicles, truck plow blades, snow tires or ski equipment etc.

The Super Sweep™-2 is two times wider than ordinary snow brooms.
Most people keep their snow broom inside their car.