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Cable Drive Mechanics
"The design called
for a new
transmission system
capable of
developing high
rpm's at the drive
wheel yet occupying
minimal space in the
compacted mode".
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CM-1000 Cable Drive Bicycle
Handlebars have a dual locking system. Internal lever cam eliminates the
rotational play always associated with spring-biased safety buttons.
Two-stage telescoping handlebars accomodate the height requirements
for a wide range of riders and are easily compacted for portability.
Cables are routed internally within the bicycle's frame.
Drawings below excerpted from U.S. Patent No. 4379566. (See full patent)
Flat-folding pedals.
Quick-release front fork.
Synchronized pedaling option.
The "Urban" second generation prototype included 16" wheels and an increased wheelbase, a quick-release, take-apart frame, caliper brakes, and an optional synchronized pedaling system.
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