A superior snow Shovel

There are few tasks more exhausting than clearing snow from uneven surfaces such as brick walkways and patios, cracked or broken pavement, or porches and decks. A slightly elevated sidewalk brick for example can abruptly halt a shovel's forward movement causing user fatigue and premature blade wear.

The Bristle Glide™ feature greatly facilitates shoveling these problematic surfaces by incorporating a strip of short pliable plastic bristles along the underside of the shovel blade's leading edge where the shovel contacts the ground. This allows the blade to glide easily over any surface while scooping most of the snow into the blade. The thin layer of snow not scooped up by the blade is simply swept along by the bristles. Instead of scraping the pavement, it actually sweeps it much like a push broom, thereby minimizing friction, blade wear, and user effort.

A superior Vehicle Snow broom

The Super Sweep™ clears snow from your vehicle in less than half the time of ordinary snow brooms. Its super wide broom is two and one-half times larger than conventional brooms. An extra long reach handle and ergonomic D-grip allows the user to heave large amounts of snow from the roofs of even tall vehicles like trucks and SUV's in a fraction of the time and with much less effort than normally needed. Softer, flagged bristles won't harm vehicle finish. See details below and on next page.

Production details:

The Super Sweep includes a strip of short resilient bristles which are integrally molded along the underside of the shovel’s forward edge. The shovel blade, vehicle snow broom, and D-grip are injection-molded of polypropylene. The lightweight shovel includes a vinyl-clad tubular aluminum shaft and soft rubber grips at the lower shaft and handle. The vehicle broom includes an integrally molded “living hinge” clip detail. “Flagged" or "exploded" type polypropylene bristles are bound within steel channels and pressed into the broom attachment. The final product stores flat with adjacent shovels and has a shaft that is detachable from the shovel blade for compact storage, packaging, and store displays.

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The Super Sweep™ two-in-one, snow shovel and vehicle snow broom
A slightly elevated sidewalk brick can halt a shovel's forward movement.
Tool switches function easily with quick-release broom attachment.
Hand-held use of broom
portion by itself is
possible for clearing
mirrors, wiper blades,
and door locks etc.
Instead of scraping
the pavement, it
actually sweeps it
much like a push
broom, thereby
minimizing friction,
blade wear, and
user effort.
A super wide vehicle broom conveniently located at the upper end of the blade can be quickly detached and re-positioned onto the lower end of the blade for vehicle sweeping.
Illustration by Michael Prendergast and Steven Tidcomb.
Invest in solutions.
Size comparison
The broom portion is two and one-half times larger than ordinary brooms.
shovel package