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Your car is snowbound and you're running late. You
have a shovel, but your snowbrush is probably
somewhere inside the car. To get to it, you can
either clear snow from the door or trunk lid with
your hands, or risk scratching the paint with your
shovel. Opening the door deposits a pile of snow
onto your seat. Now, you flail away with a snow
brush that was really designed for a car's interior…
not for efficiently clearing snow from it's exterior.
You need the one tool that can do both jobs, and do
them fast; the Super Sweep™ two-in-one snow
shovel and broom. Why waste time with ordinary
snowbrushes? Use the snow broom that is 2 to 3
times wider than ordinary brooms so it clears snow
2-3 times faster.
Get serious with Super Sweep™
© Copyright 2005-2008 Fore-thought Designs™ All Rights Reserved.
The above image only shows the large text and
pictures designed to communicate the products dual
purpose when viewed at a distance. Closer
examination would afford the consumer a more
detailed description of the products use and additional
benefits. Using smaller text and additional pictures,
that information can be distributed over both front and
rear surfaces of the packaging wrap.
See image below for suggested content of that
supporting information.

This packaging concept uses a card stock wrap. The
ends of the wrap may be dye-cut to provide a
self-connecting tab and slot. It would also be
secured to the rear surface of the shovel blade with
clear packaging tape.
A serious snow broom: Its super wide vehicle
broom clears snow in less than half the time of
ordinary snow brooms. It's long reach handle and
ergonomic D-grip lets you heave snow from the
roofs of even large vehicles like trucks and SUV's.

Shovel sweeps over bumps like a broom:
Instead of scraping along the ground, the
bristle-edged blade actually sweeps easily over
course or broken pavement like a push broom.
It's also great for decks, patios and brick

*It's soft, bristles won't harm vehicle finish.

*Comfortable rubber handle and shaft grips also
protect your vehicle.

*Tool switches function easily with quick-release
broom attachment.
*Use broom portion by itself for clearing mirrors,
wiper blades, and door locks.
It does both jobs with less time, and effort than all other snow tools.
P-O-P (point of purchase) packaging wrap
Print, Radio, and TV Advertising

In addition to P-O-P packaging or other retail
strategies, various media venues may also be
effective alternatives for more aggressively
launching the Super Sweep™. Infomercials and
home shopping networks would seem to be two
such possibilities. We have not yet researched the
viability of these avenues as an effective means of
promotion. Such TV promotion often requires higher
priced items to justify their expense. Also, the
benefits of the Super Sweep™ are easily explained
in much less time than the thirty minute format
favored by infomercial programs. There are also
regional and seasonal factors to consider. As this is
beyond the scope of our expertise, we remain open
to discussion.

Here is a draft of a print ad for the "snow broom"
feature. It would not be difficult to imagine similar
ad campaigns for the Bristle Glide™ products or
both features combined. The scenarios and
problems described in the ad are very familiar to
consumers in regions where snow removal is a high
seasonal priority. Perhaps the product's benefits can
be more effectively communicated to these
consumers in targeted print and broadcast markets.
Radio programming and advertising is increasingly
focused on listeners who are commuting or "on the
road" many hours a day. They are a captive
audience for radio broadcasters. They listen for
updated traffic reports, weather, as well as to pass
the time while confined in their car. By definition,
they have a vehicle, they work, and most likely live,
work and drive within the broadcast region. Those
regions are limited, geographically and therefore
climatically. What better audience for our ad could
there be?
*Detachable lightweight aluminum shaft for
compact storage.

*Extended center spine for additional stiffness and

Supporting text on backside of banner wrap:)

A superior Vehicle Snow broom: Most snow
brooms are small because they are designed to fit
easily into a car's
interior, instead of for efficiently
removing snow from its
exterior. The Super
Sweep™ clears snow from your vehicle in less
than half the time of ordinary brooms because its
broom is two and one-half times larger. The
two-in-one design also saves the time, and
eliminates the inconvenience of retrieving a snow
broom from inside a snow-covered vehicle.

A superior snow shovel: Shoveling over
cracked pavement, brick walkways, and wooden
decks can stop an ordinary shovel dead in its
tracks. This wears your shovel out and it wears
you out. The Super Sweep™ shovel solves this
problem by using a strip of short pliable bristles
along the underside of the shovel's leading edge.
"Sweeping" instead of "scraping" is the key to its
efficiency. The Super Sweep™ glides easily along
with a quiet "swoosh" sound, instead of the loud
scraping sound of ordinary shovels.
A snowflake is one
of God's most
fragile creations,
but look what they
can do when they
stick together!
-Author Unknown
Illustration by Michael Prendergast.
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