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Background of the Invention
Snow shovels and vehicle snow brooms are often used hand
in hand with each other when clearing snow from vehicle
surfaces and the surrounding pavement. Unfortunately,
most people store their snow broom inside their vehicle.
Retrieving the broom from a snow-covered car is
inconvenient and usually lets snow into the cars interior.
Using the shovel to remove snow from a vehicle's surface,
though tempting in this situation, is an unsuitable
alternative. The reciprocal relationship between these two
tools, and the inability to carry both, suggests that perhaps
it would be desirable for one tool to serve both purposes.

Conventional snow brooms are small because they are
designed to fit easily into a car's interior, but not for
efficiently removing snow from its exterior. If one re-thinks
the design of the snow broom purely in terms of its function,
and eliminates the need to store it inside a vehicle, it
becomes clear that a wider broom with a long sturdy handle
and an easy to push "D-grip" would be most desirable.
Fortunately these design priorities are compatible for both
the broom and the shovel. See advertising concepts.

Eye-catching design compels a closer look.
The unusual plumage of soft bristles prominently visible at
the top of shovel's blade will create curiosity of passers by.
Even those not shopping for snow tools will stop to examine
such a departure from what they are used to seeing.

Perceived functionality and value
The functionality and value of this product will be
immediately apparent to the consumer in the retail
environment. Beyond its unusual appearance, what the
consumer will notice first is a highly visible informational
packaging wrap on the shovel's blade. The products
purpose and function will be clearly presented and quickly
understood. With minimal text, the pictures alone will clearly
show that the Super Sweep™ can be easily reconfigured
into the most effective vehicle snow broom they have ever
seen. A close-up view of the shovels leading edge will show
that instead of scraping along like all other shovels, the
Super Sweep™" glides like a push broom over uneven
surfaces without getting stuck.

Even without the benefit of special P-O-P displays the Super
Sweep™ shovel will stand out among ordinary snow shovel
and snow brooms. Beyond its attractive color and design,
the product will further engage the consumer on a tactile
level when they touch the plush bristles, and discover soft,
textured rubber at both hand grips. It is likely that they will
position the shovel to the floor for a sense of its actual use.
They will immediately notice that it glides easily along with a
quiet swoosh sound, instead of the loud scraping sound they
are accustomed to.

Public use of product to prompt snowballing demand.
Even more eye-catching than its unique appearance, is
seeing the product in actual use. No form of promotional
advertising will be more effective than seeing your
next-door neighbor heaving snow from the roof of her SUV
in less than half the time and effort than it would normally
take. The inherent outdoor use of this type of product will
inadvertently demonstrate the products many advantages
to all who witness it. As anyone in sales knows, this "word
of mouth" type of buzz is highly prized for its credibility. The
resulting notoriety will, in-turn, stimulate additional sales,
increased public exposure, and so-on.

Marketing Considerations
The "Super Sweep™" combination snow shovel and vehicle
snow broom is a product with distinct competitive
advantages over both snow shovels and vehicle snow
brooms. This innovative dual-purpose tool presents an
opportunity to compete successfully in both markets
simultaneously. As a "two-in-one" product, the retail price
can reflect the compounded value of each tool. Due to its
unique functional advantages, it can also be sold to
consumers who already have conventional snow shovels
and snow brooms. Alternative variations of this product can
be offered to meet specific consumer needs.

Manufacturing Considerations
The illustrations above show a proposed production version
of the concept. Although material choices are numerous, we
suggest an injection-molded polypropylene or
polycarbonate blade, D-grip and vehicle broom handle. The
blade includes an extended center spine which provides
additional stiffness and durability. The shovel's shaft should
be rubber clad lightweight aluminum tubing for comfort and
to protect the vehicle's finish. Soft rubber grips should be
included at the D-grip and lower shaft. The Bristle Glide
strip along the shovels leading edge can be integrally
molded with the shovel's blade. The vehicle broom bristles
may be made from polypropylene and bound within steel
channels, which are pressed into the broom portion.
"Flagged" or "exploded tip" bristles are preferred to prevent
scratching vehicle surfaces. The product will store flat with
adjacent shovels and the shaft may detach at the blade for
compact storage, packaging, and store displays. A point of
purchase label showing it in use as a vehicle broom, and
shoveling along an uneven surface is recommended.

Manufacturing cost vs. consumer value
It should be noted that as a "two-in-one" product, the retail
price can reflect the compounded value of both tools, which
would normally be sold separately. As an added advantage,
the manufacturing cost would be less than that of both tools
produced separately. Adding to that, the substantial
functional superiority of this single product over its two
competitors, there should be ample flexibility in determining
the products profit margin relative to its manufacturing cost.
Click on this link to learn more about our patent
pending, prototype testing, industry background,
marketing and promotion.
The broom portion is two and one-half times
larger than ordinary brooms.
Most people store their snow broom inside
their vehicle.
Untraditional colors can prompt a closer look
by consumers.
Further means to facilitate forward motion of
the shovel blade are being developed. One
concept includes a serrated leading edge.
The zigzag shape would break up hard
packed snow. The points of the zigzag
pattern would be reinforced with molded ribs
for added strength.
There's one good
thing about snow,
it makes your lawn
look as nice as
your neighbor's.
-Clyde Moore
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