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"The concept is
interesting and
well-formed, but in
order to earn better
than a 'C', the idea
must be feasible. "
- A Yale University
professor in response
to student Fred
Smith's paper
proposing reliable
overnight delivery
service (Smith went
on to found Federal
Express Corp.)

"This 'telephone' has
too many
shortcomings to be
seriously considered
as a means of
communication. The
device is inherently of
no value to us."
- Western Union
internal memo, 1876.
Invention Listings by Category: Updated 06.19.06

Fore-thought Designs™ is currently seeking licensing agreements with manufacturers in the specific categories
listed below. The numbers after each category indicate the quantity of available inventions. Products and
descriptions listed within each category are some examples to help identify the actual manufacturing and marketing
capabilities that would be suitable for one or more of the inventions but are not necessarily descriptive of all the
inventions. Some inventions may not be patented at this time. The product titles and descriptions associated with
these items are sufficiently general so as not to disclose proprietary information.
Blue categories indicate inventions
with available email presentations. If you would like to view an unpatented invention you will be required to submit
a signed copy of our "Confidentiality Agreement". Please contact us to request further information for any product

Consumer Products

Apparel 11: Headwear, footwear, sleepwear, winter gloves and accessories, leather accessories, buckles,

Appliances 7: Fans, Kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners…

Automotive and Accessories 15: Aftermarket tools for cleaning and maintenance, snow brooms and shovels,
interior accessories, automotive design improvements, tow hitch improvements, theft deterrents…

Bicycles and Accessories 11: Ergonomic frame and components, lighting and electronics, aftermarket
accessories, theft deterrents, rider hydration, helmets and safety…

Boating and Accessories 4: Life preservers, floatation devices, small craft and accessories…

Cable Drive Vehicles 15: Portable bicycles, recumbents, scooters, pedal powered skateboards, ride-on toys, ice

Camping and Outdoor Recreation 38: Beach chairs, tents, sleeping bags, and camping accessories…

Cleaning tools 6: Plastic pales, ergonomic tools, liquid glass cleaner formula…

Electronics and Accessories 18: Personal audio, home entertainment electronic accessories, battery testers,
extension cords and
outlet splitters, handheld devices for executives and students, travel accessories, PC and
software related concepts, fitness related electronics, laptop computer accessories…

Food and Beverage : Snacks, deserts, condiments, recipes...

Furniture 23: Home, office, outdoor, chairs, stepstools, and organizer accessories…

Holiday Items 5: Christmas tree stands, decorations, and lighting…

Home Safety 6: Firearm storage, firearm accessories, fire prevention and escape…

Juvenile Products 25: Infant care and safety, feeding, furniture, toys, transport, and travel accessories…

Kitchen Tools 23: Cooking utensils and cutlery, cleaning tools and accessories, electric appliances, food storage,
espresso maker, furniture and organizers…

Lighting 27: Home, decorative, office, workshop, portable, and flashlights…

Luggage 9: Backpacks, travel bags, leather and fabric organizer folders…

Musical Instruments and Accessories 48: Electric guitars and accessories, Amplifier design and accessories,
guitar designs and
guitar stands, cleaning tools…Harmonica design and amplification…

Optical products and Eyewear 11: Reading and sunglasses, photographic accessories…

Outdoor Tools and Accessories 26: Lawn treatment systems, pest control, power lawn mowers and garden
tools, manual lawn and garden tools, garden hose accessories, sunscreen skin protectors, deck and patio furniture,
utility sheds,
snow tools, vehicle snow brooms and ice scrapers, pool maintenance…

Personal Health and Grooming 24: Toothbrushes and oral hygiene, bathroom towel racks and related fixtures,
tub and shower organizers, hair dryers and trimmers, shaving accessories,
manicure/pedicure tools, bathroom
lighting and electrical appliances…

Pet products 23: Pet leashes, outdoor shelters, food and water bowls, grooming tools, toys, accessories for birds
and fish…

Storage and Organizers 9: Closet organizers, home, outdoor sheds and storage bins, office, bathroom and
organizer accessories…

Tools and Hardware 38: Ergonomically designed household and garden tools, power shears, electronic
measurement, hand tools for carpenters and mechanics, special task tools, tool boxes, table saw, improved
casters, cabinet handles, knobs etc, improved shelving system, improved fly swatter, scissors,
adhesives, painting

Toys, Ride-ons and Sporting Goods 38: Flying and throwing toys, RC toys, games, snow toys, outdoor and
beach toys, tents, novelties, preschool toys,
hobbies and crafts…

Industrial Products

Artist and Designer Tools 25: 3-D Drafter, title block and drawing formats, part drawing documentation system,
drawing paper for artists, furniture,
drawing instruments and tools, studio lighting, templates, slide viewer, artist

Industrial Tools and Hardware 7: Industrial project boxes and multi-purpose cabinets, machinist tools, motion
control systems…

Office Furniture 13: Storage, seating, organizers, desks and cabinets, waste baskets…

Office products and Supplies 18: File cabinets, folders, ring binders, clip boards, and labels, electrical devices,
lighting, copier accessories, reading magnifiers, software applications…

Packaging 11: Auto motor oil, coolant, and washer fluid, food packaging, soap and shampoo, decorative paper

Promotional Advertising Products 5: Electronics, flashlights, packaging…

Retail Environment 1: Shopping cart…

Security and Surveillance 3: Personal protection devices, airline safety, vehicle checkpoint inspection device…

Medical Products

Dental Tools 4: Professional dentistry tools and accessories, speech device, hospital room furniture and

Wheelchairs 7: Single and twin-lever drive wheelchairs and handcycles…

Architectural Products and Systems

General items 19: Architectural fixtures for home interior and exterior, home ventilation and vacuum systems,
closet organization,
exterior lighting fixtures, interior and exterior doors, windows, floor plans, electrical wiring and
fixtures, bathroom fixtures, medicine cabinets, bathroom electrical fixtures, swimming pool ladders, pool covers…

Energy Conservation 5: home heating conservation…

Fences and Sheds 3: Vinyl fence designs, prefab utility sheds…

Indoor Flood Alarm, and Radon Mitigation 5:

Graphics and Communication

Advertising Campaign Concepts: TV, print, internet…

Printed Products 17: Maps, phone directories, paper and stationary, greeting cards, tapes and labels and

Internet 3: Website Templates, E-commerce concepts…

"Everything that can
be invented has been
- Charles H. Duell,
Commissioner, U.S.
Office of Patents,
"The man who
invented the first
wheel was an idiot.
The man who invented
the other three, he
was a genius." - Sid
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