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Bristle Glide™, a superior snow shovel
If you've ever shoveled snow, you know how brick walkways, wooden decks and broken
pavement can stop a shovel dead in its tracks. It wears your shovel out; and it wears
you out. The Bristle Glide™ shovel glides easily over uneven pavement because instead of
scraping the surface like ordinary shovels, it sweeps it like a push broom. A strip of short
pliable bristles on its underside makes this possible. It allows the blade to glide easily over
any surface while scooping most of the snow into the blade. The thin layer of snow not
scooped up by the blade is simply swept along by the bristles. "Sweeping" instead of
"scraping" is the key to its efficiency. It minimizes frictional resistance, blade wear, and
user effort on any surface.
The Bristle Glide™ Snow Shovel
A slightly elevated sidewalk brick
can abruptly halt a shovel's
forward movement causing user
fatigue and premature blade

Mouse-over this picture to see
the Bristle-Glide™ difference.
Instead of scraping the ground, the "Bristle-Glide" blade sweeps easily over
course or broken pavement like a push broom. It minimizes frictional resistance
and user effort on any surface.
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Instead of scraping
the pavement, it
actually sweeps it
much like a push
broom, thereby
minimizing friction,
blade wear, and
user effort.
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