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Communication Design/Copywriting
This grouping includes other examples of advertising message design and graphics. All ad copy and concepts, illustrations, renderings, packaging design, graphics, logos, and inventions are my own. The Y2K light bulb candle itself was originated by an associate.

MILLENNILIGHT: a Y2K novelty gift item that pokes fun at
the "Y2K threat" and society's dependence on technology.
Lever Drive Wheelchairs:
In this first promotional, a variation of a familiar public icon was used to introduce a lever driven wheelchair design. It points out that the conventional hand rim driven design has gone unquestioned for so long that it has been practically immortalized by a globally recognized symbol. See details.
These samples cover a variety of projects, and writing styles including technical, ad, political, and satire.
� Copyright 2005-2010 Fore-thought Designs� All Rights Reserved.
The Anchor Lock:
anti-theft device for
bicycle saddle and seat
posts. Generally
regarded as an urban
problem, the headline
"Can't touch this!" which
emphasis the
inaccessibility of the
locking device, was also
the name of a popular
song by rap artist, M.C.
"The conventional
hand rim-driven
design has gone
unquestioned for so
long that it has
been practically
immortalized by a
globally recognized
"The secret of all
effective originality
in advertising is not
the creation of new
and tricky words
and pictures, but
one of putting
familiar words and
pictures into new
- Leo Burnett,
quoted in 100
LEO's, Chicago, IL:
Leo Burnett
Company, p. 72.

"I once saw a
subliminal advertising
executive, but only for
a second."
- Steven Wright

"I wrote a few
children's books, well...
not on purpose".
-Steven Wright
"Thank you for
sending me a copy of
your book. I'll waste
no time reading it."
-- Moses Hadas
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Introducing M I L L E N N I L I G H T�
The world's only Y2K-COMPLIANT light bulb.

Don't be left in the dark!
On January 1st, 2000 non Y2K-compliant
computers everywhere could cease operation,
disrupting electrical power and many other vital

Where will you be on New Year's Eve. 1999?
Well, whether you're cruising over the
International Date Line, mosh pit diving in Times
Square, or just leading a conga line through your
neighbor's geraniums, don't let the Y2K bug pull
the plug on your Millennium Party. Be prepared!
Let the Millennilight� bulb light your way across
the bridge to the 21st Century.

A breakthrough in lighting technology!
State of the art paraffin technology has made
possible a light source so advanced it requires no
electricity! And it's cordless.
This package contains one Y2K-compliant soft white
light bulb. (matches not included)

Other MILLENNILIGHT� Products.
For all your lighting needs throughout the year, look
for these other fine Millennilight� products and
future collectibles.

Color-coded for your convenience.

Soft white-3-Way bulb-
(one bulb, 3wicks).

Citronella Yellow- (the Y2K BUG LIGHT�)

Deep Purple- (Black light for psychedelic posters).

Universal remote control - for all Millennilight�
light bulbs. (candle snuffer with 36 inch wand)

MILLENNILIGHT makes a great gift
The year "2000" is rapidly approaching, yet many
are still in the dark concerning the Y2K BUG!
Enlighten someone you know with a
MILLENNILIGHT� The light bulb for the year 2000, and beyond.
Paraffinalea Products�
Yesterday's technology, for a brighter tomorrow.
� 1999
Millennilight�, the low tech solution
to a high tech dilemma.
"It is better to strike a
match, than to curse
the darkness".
MILLENNILIGHT� light bulb candle, packaging and text.
Invest in solutions.
Cable Drive Bicycles and Scooters:
These ads, designed for Creative Motion Inc., introduced various human powered vehicles that incorporated "Cable Drive", a patented alternative to the "chain and sprocket" pedaling system. The ads emphasize the efficiency, light weight, and portability advantages for several vehicles. See details.
Click on picture to view Cable Drive page.
Wake up America:
a political ad campaign for U.W.S.A. Both the "snooze button" and "TV News Bulletin" messages were designed to motivate complacent citizens into action regarding government spending and global economic policies.