Urban Stepcycle
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Welcome to Fore-thought Designs.

We invite selected manufacturers like you to consider our inventions for licensed production. We do not represent outside inventors. Nor do we sell design services in the traditional sense. Instead, we initiate research, industrial design development, and patent protection within markets that offer exceptional opportunities for innovation. This offers you the opportunity to invest in design solutions instead of the design process. We present those solutions directly to only the companies that are likely to have an interest in them. Since the return on our R&D and patent investments depends on your sales of those products; we are vitally committed to your success. -Steven Tidcomb, Industrial Designer, Inventor, and founder of Forethought Designs.





F.D. Licenses Wheelchair Cushion Invention: AliMed Inc, Dedham, MA introduces the “Stay-Put” wheelchair seat cushion under license from Forethought Designs. It is the first full-thickness wheelchair seat cushion that folds with the chair. View Inventions page for details and watch video demo at YouTube.



Super Sweep-2™: A new alternative to the Super Sweep Shovel, the Super Sweep-2™, quickly clips to any snow shovel. It offers low-cost tooling, rapid amortization and a shorter production schedule. When not in use, the SS-2™ clips to the handle shaft without impeding the user's grip while shoveling.



Inventions in progress: Forethought Designs™ is currently developing products and pursuing patent protection in the following industries: Architectural, Medical, Juvenile, Automotive, Bicycles, Office Products, Housewares, Painting Tools and Accessories. A confidential viewing of these recent design projects can be arranged upon request.

Last update: 10.03.15.© Copyright 2005-2015 Forethought Designs™ All Rights Reserved.

Patent granted for Super Sweep™ shovels.

This combination snow shovel and vehicle snow broom does both jobs with less time and effort than all other tools. Instead of scraping the ground, the bristle-edged blade sweeps over course or broken pavement like a push broom. Its extra wide vehicle broom clears snow from cars and trucks extra fast.

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Super Sweep 2